Sometimes, I don't think people fully understand what the word "support" means.

And I don't mean, pull out a dictionary and tell me that it means "give approval, comfort, or encouragement to."

People often think that supporting someone means being their absolute ride or die, and to be on the same page as them until either one of you draws your last breath.

But what people fail to realize, is that supporting someone can also mean pushing back on them.

It can mean:

  • Calling them out on their bullshit when they start blowing smoke or lying.
  • Snapping them back to reality when they get carried away with unrealistic fantasies.
  • Letting them know that you don't think they're going down a good, healthy path.

And if you were to lay belly-up every single time they did or said something and you went along with it without opposing them, sooner or later, they're going to make a mistake, and you're going to usher them in that direction.

You're going to give them the nod of approval into a pitfall. A burn. A crash.

Tell me: would you call that supporting them?

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