Dreams Don’t Lead to Results: Actions Do

Dreams are the death of your goals.

Read that again if you must.

Dreams are the death of your goals.

What exactly am I trying to say when I write that?

Let’s look at it like this: picture your goals and the future version of you achieving them. Make the picture real. Tangible. The results of your efforts exist in the real world and you can see them.

Example: Your goal is to become a successful writer who makes a living off of providing people value through letters typed out sequentially on a screen.

You envision yourself in a tropical, sunny area, perhaps a beach, and you’re typing away on your laptop the weekly newsletter you’re about to send out so that people can open an email and get that weekly boost they subscribed for. A seagull from above poops on the hat you’re wearing that the nice lady from the gift store at the resort you’re staying at gave you, but you’re so happy that you haven’t had to clock in anywhere for the past two years that you’re unfazed by it.

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