This is the 2nd of 4 of my longer stories that I have to share with the world.

There is an extremely truncated version of this story that I go over in my first story, The Story of Carrots. It is written in the 3rd chapter of that story, and if you want to read the short version, you'll find that here.

But I have a hunch that you're not here on accident, and that you didn't arrive on this page so that you could read the short version of the story of how a man I barely knew saved my life.

No, I'd reckon you're here to hear the story that isn't stripped of its details.

So, as long as we're on the same page, let's hop into our time machine and leap back into the year 2017.

Chapter 1: Dabbling in Decentralization

If you already read The Story of Carrots, I can hear you ask yourself:


Weren't you saved in 2018?"

And yes, you are absolutely correct. But the story itself begins in the year prior.

Because it was in late 2017 when I took my first steps into the world of cryptocurrency.

The evolution of money. Photo by Unocoin

I'm not here to give a lecture on cryptocurrencies because it's much too comprehensive of a subject to be explained in detail in this story without having it detract from the story itself, but it's essentially a currency that runs on a decentralized system, and I mention that strictly to explain the title of this chapter in case you're not familiar with the concept of "decentralization."

On a side note, I am a crypto enthusiast and would recommend looking into it some more in your spare time.

But back then, it was an even newer space and industry than it is now, and it was an even newer concept to me. Exploring this unfamiliar territory is what led to my financial downfall the following year, a few months later.

A Facebook friend who I had done business with earlier in 2017 was talking about crypto and wanting to share his wealth of knowledge in the space, as well as spill the beans on how he was making money with crypto.

I hit him up and he eventually got me involved with this crypto company. Of course, when I first got involved, I had no idea that this company would go bust and vanish with all my money within the first week of 2018.

Neither did he, and I am certain that even though he recruited me into this company, he had no malicious intentions and was just as much of a victim as I was.

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