The Hurt of Today, the Baggage of Tomorrow

It’s time to get vulnerable.

I’ve been talking to some people recently about my past, and in those conversations, I sometimes bring up the people who hurt me in middle and high school.

I talk about how oblivious they were to the damage their behavior caused me.
How blind they were to my pain, sadness, and anger.
How ignorant they were to the potential consequences of their actions.

I’m not one to harbor grudges, but I’d be lying if I told you that the fact that these people are completely unaware of what they did to me doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Can you relate when you think of people who hurt you before? Leave a comment below if so.

Rest assured, I only feel a tiny thorn in my side when I think about them, which I barely do. You don’t have to dig up the past if you’re well and safely over it.

But my younger self wasn’t aware that the hurt you give to and receive from others becomes the baggage of tomorrow.

In other words, what you do and say to others can have lasting, long-term consequences, and you’d be wise to think about how you act toward others before you treat them a certain way. You’d be smart to look before you leap.

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