The Thread That Inspired This Newsletter

Have a look at the thread I found below that inspired this week’s newsletter.

Tell me if you see anything wrong with it.

Screenshot taken by the author

Did you spot anything problematic? Take a moment to think about it before proceeding.

When content like this makes me facepalm this hard, I’ve already begun writing an article in my head. This time, I decided to make this the focus of the issue for the week.

Let’s simplify what the thread’s contents boil down to:

What this thread is essentially saying is that if there’s nothing wrong in the present moment, just leave all your worries for tomorrow.

In other words:

  • “Let Present You relax, and let Future You deal with it. It’s not your problem!”
  • “Just enjoy the moment, bro.”
  • “As long as it doesn’t affect you today, don’t even think about it.”

Just procrastinate. Be reactive, instead of proactive. Let your problems fester until they get so bad that you can’t ignore them any longer because if you do, you’ll be more screwed than you already are.


Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Act With the Future Self in Mind

Ricky Lanusse, one of the writers for my publication “Life Advice for the Adults of Tomorrow" (LAFTA) wrote an excellent article about why it’s important to act with the Future Self in mind.

If you postpone your problems for another day just because they don’t affect your Present Self in this exact moment, you’re just making things worse for your Future Self.

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